I am Paceno

So what are Pacenos? "Paceno" or "Pacena" refers to the people from La Paz, which is the capital city of the Mexican state of Baja California Sur. Similar to how "#Angelenos" refers to the people from Los Angeles.
#Pacenos is a term used to identify the residents of La Paz.
It's a way of forming a demonym that is specific to that city, much like how various cities around the world have their own unique names for residents based on the city's name.


So sticking with that term - is Paceno a limited description? For locals only? Or when do you become a paceno. As European expat for 20+ years residing at the Puerto de La Ilusion I wonder. For sure I feel like a Paceno and enjoy the laid back lifestyle of this city on the bay.

Paceno Supreme ;)