How one of the richest nations on this planet, the land of Mercedes and Beemer, is shanghaiing (To shanghai someone is to kidnap or trick them into working for you) highly qualified healthcare personal from Mexico. A void that can not be filled fast and consequently reflects on the quality of healthcare the public receives here in Mexico! Now I do not neccessary claim that Germany does kidnap the individuals, in fact if you check attached video you see they are pretty happy. What they are NOT talking about is the cost of living even by an compensation that is fairly good. Germany has several issues pending, the future of Deutschland is not looking bright. In fact once could call Germany again the “sick man of Europe.” A whole variety of past economic policy mistakes cast a dark cloud over Germany’s longer-run economic prospects. There are three unsolvable problems that will lead to Germany's collapse as a modern economy in the coming 20 - 30 years according to Peter Zeihan, a geopolitical strategist. The labor shortage could become a serious structural problem for Germany. Because what has been predicted for decades is now becoming reality.

Personal de enfermería de México en el Charité. - Mexikanische Pflegekräfte an der Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin

The baby boomers (born between 1955 and 1969) are gradually leaving the labor market and retiring. In 2036, the last baby boomers will be retired. This means that the labor market will lose a very large number of qualified workers. And for the state, it means that very many previous taxpayers will become recipients of benefits (pensioners). The resulting fiscal burdens can be quantified. The baby boomers have acquired extensive social security entitlements during their working lives that cannot be financed with the given taxes and contributions. The unfunded benefit claims can be understood as hidden or implicit public debt. Later retirement is not the only way to alleviate the labor shortage and relieve the social security system. Immigration can also cushion the problems. In fact, Germany has experienced remarkable immigration in recent years. The influx of refugees in 2015 as well as the strong immigration from Ukraine due to the war have drastically changed the demographic constellation in Germany. So there you got the reason why they are out in other countries hiring personal. All of that does not even cover the human factor as how welcome you are in Germany, not by the officials or your employeer but in general public.

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