Pope Francis

Pope Francis September 2023 in regards climate change and envirnomental protection:
"Our responses have not been adequate. while the world in which we live is collapsing and may be nearing the breaking point."
>> If you - out of comfort or laziness - use equipment, like drive a car for 1km, purchase items with excessive plastic packaging, use household appliances like propane/electric laundry dryers while living in very warm locations vs. line drying your clothes: You are part of the problem and deny future generations, maybe even your own kids, a somewhat sound & healthy environment to live in and enjoy!
Excuses like "I alone no make a difference" (Yes, YOU do) or "I am busy" (Schedule your life thoughtful) are lame and only reflect a "I give a f*ck" attitude and show a lack of ethical and moral compass!
Change will only happen on a individual level as we also will suffer on a individual level!! ~ www.bajaclima.com <<

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